Administrative Service Division (Hospital Operations and Patient Support Services):

The Administrative division provides services from recruitment to retirement of personnel, procurementof equipment’s, supplies and materials drugs and medicines, property asset and disposal management, plant operation and maintenance. It is also responsible for the maintenance of internal and external cleanliness and sanitation. It also provides laundry and linen services, security and safety of hospital staff, patients, clients and properties.   All these services are geared towards attaining an atmosphere conducive to the effective and efficient delivery of health care services. HOPSS included the services:

      a. Human Resource

      b. Linen and Laundry

      c. Maintenance and Engineering

      d. Transportation

      e. Security


Finance Services:

It formulates processes geared towards optimal financing, allocation and control of all resources of the healthcare organization. It provides financial data, reports and statements that are useful for planning organizing, directing and controlling the activities of the organization.

       The Finance Service is responsible for financial transactions of the Hospital such as:

               a. Accounting

               b. Budgeting

               c. Cash Operations

               d. Billing and Claims


Hospital Committees

Committee composed of representatives from the various disciplines needed to recommend, formulate and administer specific hospital policies.

    a. Credentials and Privileging

    b. infection and Control

  c. Hospital Blood Transfusion

  d. Integrity Management

  e. Tissue Review

  f. Performance Evaluation Review

  g. Ethics Grievance

  h. Credentials

  i. Personnel Selection Board

  j. Institutional Review

  k. Patient Safety

  l. Quality Assurance

        ia. Document Control Center

        ib ISO Committee

Outsource Services

  1. SecurityServices
  2. Bio-med Engineering
  3. Infectious Waste Hauler
  4. Dietary
  5. New Born Hearing Test
  6. Dialysis Service
  7. Respiratory Therapy Services